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Yoga Program

Blissful Heart Yoga

This is a practice of Yoga for Health advocates, educators, therapists, cardiac rehabilitation (CR), counselors. The aim of this is to provide care and liason to the hospital and the community. This (BHY) method can be practiced by anyone whatever his or her age, ability or disability with a come as you are approach with a loving heart and willingness to learn, and laugh. The restorative therapies and methodology are adaptable to almost anyone. They do not take on a gymnastic appearance; instead, they are therapeutic and stimulate the wholeness of body-mind-spirit.

Yogi Mundakar ( Mr Richard D Gorell) has been teaching Blissful Heart Yoga running on 50 years. His primary teachers were, Grand Master Yogi Krishnamacharya the Father of Modern Day Yoga, Yogi B. K. Iyengar and Yogini Mataji Indra Devi, Grand Master Harbhajan Sing Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan). Yogiji has made numerous trips to India, his specialties are teaching the less fortunate, poor, blind, disabled, and a founding member of Jyothi Corp a charitable NPO serving pediatric hospitals in India.

He has a "come as you are " approach for any age, any ability or disability and the Program is therapeutic in nature.

Yogiji says, "Just bring your open heart and we will fill it with love!"